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The best way to describe a sporting clay course is Golf with a shotgun! You will travel along the course and shoot different target presentations at each station.

Our Sporting Clay Course will consist of 12-15 stations with four throwers per station. The target presentation will be both challenging and recreational for all level of shooters. The aesthetically pleasing design of the course covering both wooded areas and diverse terrain of the river bottom meadows is unique to this area as you score your best overlooking the Ohio River and our 150 year old farm.

Upland Game Hunting season runs from November 1, 2022 through March 1, 2023

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Additional Information


Sporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting often described as golf with a shotgun. Because a typical course includes from 10-15 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain.


Trap shooting is one of three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The targets are launched from a single house or machine generally away from the shooter.

5 Stand

5 Stand is a type of shotgun sport shooting similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet. There are 5 stations or stands and 6-8 strategically placed clay target throwers. Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of clay birds.

Pricing Information

Course - 50 Targets
Course - 75 Targets
Course - 100 Targets
Trap – 25 Targets
5 Stand – 25 Targets
*Visitors 17 years or younger are considered Youth, and receive the discount above.
**These prices are for targets only.
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